The 3 Step LinkedIn Strategy that costs nothing.

Recently I was asked to make some videos for a client who was building his network on LinkedIn and knew he was lacking some short eye-catching videos. 

While he had been using video content he captured on the go, he didn't have any animated or promotional ones. 

We set to work digging into what his objectives were and it turned out he had no funnel in place to turn viewers into leads and ultimately into clients. 

It's rare I come across someone with such a network built up (6000+ connections on LinkedIn) who is also pumping out content regularly and also engaging on other people's content.... but not asking for the sale! We all know LinkedIn can be full of the exact opposite. Cold sales calls with absolutely no relationship building first. 

 So while we did create a short video to showcase him a little better and use his new headshots, the plan took a turn shortly after posting it. 

I wanted to know what his next move would be if we made and posted these videos biweekly as he planned to do. It was at this point we pivoted into a totally different strategy. Video clips weren't really the gap in his LinkedIn, prospecting was! 

So I gave him 3 steps to try out and low and behold, in 48 hours he called to say he was having great success and has several calls and meetings booked already! 


What was this magic formula? I have laid it out below for you to try for yourself. 

*Please note this method was effective because he had already built his network connections and published content regularly. If you don't have those in place, start there!*

Step 1. 

Go through the "likes" and comments on your posts. These people have seen your content because they are connected or someone they know is. LinkedIn has shown your content to them because they reckoned it would be of interest. When it hit their newsfeed they didn't just scroll straight past, they watched the video, read the article or viewed the photo. They then engaged with that piece in some way, be it a like, comment or share.... perfect people to call our first lot of prospects. 

Step 2. 

Individually message them. Now, this takes time and patience and is where most people fail. Yes you can do this en masse with Premium LinkedIn Inmails, but some people don't want to pay and I think this manual method can yield better results anyway because you're putting in more effort! Your message should be made up of something that shows you are interested in a real conversation. Take a look at their recent activity, what's going on with them? Have they recently posted a job, an award they won, an event they have coming up, a partnership they're proud of? Use that in your opening message e.g. "Hi Mary, thanks for the like on that video. I see you're shortlisted for the Commerce Awards, is the team excited for it? "

Use something that lets them know you are not copying and pasting something to all your contacts. It keeps it HUMAN! Also, I ended with a question, which makes it more likely that she will reply. 

Step 3. 

Go to your LinkedIn network (all connections) and use the filters in place to break it down to the country you want, the industry etc. Then you can repeat Step 2 we used above on connections of yours. By taking it an industry at a time, you could throw in a piece of news relating to their sector as the opener. "What are your thoughts on this new regulation announced for financial brokers?" or something RELEVANT. Maybe it's the location listed on their profile and their team won a game at the weekend. Again, we're back to human conversation skills, not automated robots and keywords. It keeps you interested in what you're doing and it makes for a much better message in someone's inbox than a "Buy my stuff" message. 


If you follow the above, some people will respond. Don't be disheartened when some reply and then the conversation dies shortly afterwards. They get busy. They get distracted. Or they're just not for you. Be grateful that they're not stringing you along wasting your time! 


So be strategic, be human and be relevant and you will be well on the way to turning connections into conversations that convert. 


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  • I like that. Good common sense strategy.

    Terry O' Connor

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