2019 - a year of big changes!

Hi there! 

You may have visited this site because you used to find advice or tips here or use it to get in touch with me to book training or social media management. 

Let me tell you why it looks a little different now! 

In July of this year, I made a bold move away from being full-time self-employed to working for Shopify, the company who make the very website you're reading this on and online stores for over 1 million other businesses!

I have never been so happy with a decision. It's been great to be able to use my skills and talents in such a welcoming, diverse and awesome team and company.

Depending on what you'd like me to do for you, I only accept certain projects anymore because I had spread myself too thin across so many things for so long and it's not good for the mental health. 

  • You can still find me teaching in the School of Lifelong Learning in Cavan Institute (the night school) where this term I am delivering Digital Marketing QQI level 5. For enquiries on that and further courses you can get me on michellerudden@cmetb.ie
  • I am also on the board of Cavan Chamber of Commerce which you can find here
  • #Irishbizparty, my beloved community of entrepreneurs is now called We're All Business and that's getting an upgrade. Follow those updates here

Along with my full time role in Shopify Support, I still have those 3 humans following me around calling me Mammy. And I stick my nose into all sorts of community goings on from time to time! 

So if I can be of any help to you, reach out on any of the above or pop me an email on michelle@breffnidigital.com and let's chat.